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As we get older, the lens of the eye thickens and slowly loses its flexibility making it difficult to focus on things close up.  This loss of focusing ability is called Presbyopia.  It is not a disease, but a normal change which affects everyone. Presbyopia doesn’t occur suddenly and it doesn’t affect distance vision.  It…
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People who are short-sighted have difficulty seeing distant objects clearly. Frowning and screwing up the eyes in an effort to see better is common and Myopia sufferers may also experience headaches. Myopia is generally inherited. It occurs when the lens system of the eye is too strong for its length, or as is more often…
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A long-sighted person can only see clearly looking into the far distance if the muscular focusing system inside the eye is used. With hyperopia, the long-sighted eye has to work harder than a normal eye at all distances. Long-sightedness can cause eyestrain, headaches, poor concentration, double vision, or blurred vision when looking up from close…
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Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the fluid pressure inside the eye causes progressive damage to the long ganglion cells of the optic nerve as they enter the back of the eye. The  eye pressure usually increases when there is inadequate drainage of fluid from inside the eye. A gradual but permanent loss of…
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